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24742824 X 7 X 365 Technical Support Services
Help desk of any organization is of critical importance for any business process as it is the first point of contact between the customer and the service provider when it comes to reporting a problem about a product or service. Help desk services become even more critical for businesses where latency is low and minimum response time to an outage is of the essence. TransQuad provides its clients round the clock technical support services covering the basic aspects i.e desktop / laptops, servers, operating systems, office productivity suites, email & browser support, network & connectivity issues, application and infrastructure support . Being a proactive layer between the service provider and the customer, TransQuad understands the essence of quality service as any outsourced service would see the quality alarm being raised in no time if specific care and attention are not put into at microscopic levels.

bigstock_Closeup_Of_A_Call_Center_Emplo_7014545Email / Voice Support
Team TransQuad utilizes this preferred and fastest mode of reaching its clients and their respective customer base to provide round the clock email support. We understand the essence of time in today’s competitive business scenarios and make sure that the basic alert for any candidate or confirmed problem reaches the customer within 30 seconds of its detection. Not only that our teams follow up the problem to stringent time deadline of maximum of 5 minutes before firing up other channels of communication to have the acknowledgement from client about the alerted issues and onsite support team mobilization confirmation.

bigstock_Young_man_working_absorbed_on__14507066 (1)Chat Support
TransQuad provides its clients, services of highly trained chat support specialists well versed in language to serve global customers round the clock. Web chat being the most widely preferred mode of direct communication chosen by end user/customer for resolving the problems then and there. TransQuad’s chat support specialists give their customer a warm assurance of being their strong defense line in case of any outage of any magnitude at any given point of time.

data_processingData Processing and Management Services
A well processed and systematically organized data is the primary input to any corporate planning and decision making process. Going by the lines “Information is the key to success” TransQuad understands the importance of availability of right data at the right time for the right decision to happen. Engineers at TransQuad are equipped with precision tools and quality processes to carve the available raw data for its maximum utility. TransQuad provides wide array of data processing and its management accepting the data from its clients into variety of formats like forms, documents (in variety of formats), images for – Data Entry / Capturing – Data Cleansing – Data Conversion – Data Migration

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